Dam Lining Services

At Damliners Irrigation Systems LTD we provide high capacity water containment solutions by use of HDPE liners by lining huge reservoirs to prevent water from sipped into the ground and can be used for years to come.

Weight per meter square in Kgs Price per meter square in KES
0.5mm 0.46kg KES 255
0.75mm 0.88kg KES 355
1mm 0.91kg KES 455


Mesh Tanks

Condition: ABS Plastic, Galvanized Steel, Plastic, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Rubber

We supply and install Mesh Tanks, They have a 10 year guarantee, they are easy to install and transport and they are 100 percent repairable Incase of any damage,. The volumes are from 20,000 liters to 200,000 liters.

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Water Tanks

Our inventive team consists of creatives that create long-lasting, reasonably priced tanks from materials that may be found around. We are experts in Kamacho systems, MajiMob corrugated galvanized tanks, and mesh tanks.

We have also developed the MajiMob Mesh tank.