Flower farms and other agricultural industries that use super-high volumes of water cannot afford to erect tanks to store all the water they need. We offer them high-capacity water containment solutions by lining huge reservoirs with HDPE liner. That way, the water is not sipped into the ground and can be used for years to come. Damliners Irrigation Systems LTD crafts dams that last 10+ years without needing service/repairs.


1. We have the experience and flexibility to work anywhere in East Africa.
2. We're affordable. We tailor our solutions to give you the best value for your money.
3. We use high-quality materials and employ qualified and skilful technicians.
4. Our commendable customer service extends during and after installation.
5. We offer customizable tank sizes of up to 500,000 litres
6. We’re fast. Most of our tank installations usually last 1 - 2 days

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